May 22, 2007

Where I'm Going

39 days and counting...
Only all too soon (and not soon enough) I will be living in Ithaca, NY. Land of gorges, lakes, wineries, camping, and Cornell University. Ithaca has been known for being a very "green" city waaaaay before Green was the new black. Vegetarians, buddists, holistics, liberal activists...they're all here, spreading the gospel of alternative living and promoting peaceful environmentalism in every sense of the word.

While I didn't grow up too far away from Ithaca physically (only 45 minutes), my hometown of Elmira couldn't be further away in every other way. Ithaca was the mecca of the enlightened. As high school seniors enjoying the newfound privledge of driver's licenses, we would head to Ithaca in the summer and hang out around the Commons. It was there I first encountered Ben&Jerry's ice cream, vegan-ism, nag champa and Birkenstocks.

I was too young (and politically ignorant) to really understand what it all meant or how it would influence me, but I was drawn to the mystique of this place that seemed to value spiritual enlightenment, academia, and natural living.

Now, 15 years later, this will be where I will be living. Learning.
Rediscovering those concepts that lit up like fireflies inside me....

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Aj said...

DUDE! This is the 3rd time I've seen this bumper sticker this week - and I live in Baltimore! . No joke, I was literally thinking of how strange it's been to see that sticker down here maybe about 3 hours ago, and now it appears on your blog. Coincedence?

You grew up in Elmira?!? I went to school at SUNY Oneonta! Go upstate NY!

Best of luck with your move,
-Aj :)