May 21, 2007

Let the Drink-Down Begin!

Ok, so I had, on April 28th, made reference to "2-months to go"...and how that has upset the otherwise steady growth of my personalized tea blending service (and a slew of other usual weekly activities)...but had not yet mentioned why I was on my way to Ithaca, NY.

Well dear reader, I'm glad you asked...the truth is that I'm leaving New York City and heading upstate to Ithaca, NY to study massage therapy at the Finger Lakes School of Massage.

When I tell people this, I invariably get the response:
"Ooh! Tea and Massage! You could put them together!"

I'm sure that the sudden squeal of excitement that usually accompanies the aforementioned response is generated out of sheer excitement for those who know me and not intended as a sort of unique idea that they are sure I haven't thought of. As yes, that is fully my intention, to combine the two passions into my daily existence.

Seeing as I don't go a day without drinking tea or an herbal infusion (the oft neglected but equally worthy half-cousin of tea).....the idea of melding the 2 interests has certainly taken a number of celebrated turns down the mental catwalk of my brain.

For 7 (or so) months, I will have to pack up the Mad Lab (aka: the Madam's Magical Kitchen) and will be subletting a room in someone else's house. My host/housemate is a very cool's hoping she really likes tea!

I will have a few select teas with me, but that's it. This is why I'm in the middle of a Drink Down. That is also, of course, why I posted another Tea Swap - add a little something new into your cup.

I'm sure I'll keep you posted as the insanity of leaving the only place I really call home to go be a full-time student once again sings its siren sound...

Til then/til later...

Keep it Mad!

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