November 08, 2006

Spotlight: Remedy Tea

Madam Potts takes to traveling again - this time to Philadelphia to visit Remedy Tea Bar.

As I do a lot of traveling, it's important to know where the hiding places are, the sanctuaries of the urban world - and by this I mean, where to stop for a pot of tea.

So it was my pleaure to visit Remedy this past Saturday with a friend of mine, and while away 2 hours sipping tea in the comfortable, modern cafe that is Remedy. Remedy seems to be a place that encourages people to spread out, relax and enjoy a cup or pot of tea. In the time I sat there, there was rarely, if ever, a vacant chair Ample room, free wiFi and excellent tea make up for this laid-back atmosphere.

My first pot was "Mad for Mint" (what else would a mad potter such as myself order). This blend of mint and spices was the perfect choice as I had just had lunch - yum! soothing, tasty. My second order was a bit bolder, as I chose a Peach Nectar Oolong. Bits of peach, in a darker, no doubt Wuyi oolong, made for a fragrant and relaxing tea.

The only short-coming is that the staff's knowledge of tea is a bit lacking. Considering the high turnover rate of such a job, I have learned to overlook that, but even the most basic instruction on steeping time should be offered up (use a cheat sheet if you must - I don't care!). I'm sure there have been many an unhappy customer due to over-steeping which could have easily been avoided. Also, don't expect extra water for 2nd &3rd infusion - it's not that kind of place. It's a place to unwind & enjoy the popularity of tea, but not so much place where you will learn much if you don't already know.

All in all, it is a very hip spot to know about and the tea is VERY good.
It is certainly a place that I will frequent when I return.

Happy sipping when you're tripping!

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Athena Reich said...

thanks so much for the comment. do you often listen to q's house?

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