November 17, 2006

Tea Cup Roll Call

I had mentioned a few posts back that I would keep you posted on what types of teas and unfusions I am drinking....the WHAT'S IN YOUR CUP? is akin to learning about a person by asking "What's on your iPod?" for those terribly interested..I shall attempt to recap the last few days worth of sipping:

woke up with: Essencha's GenMaiCha with Matcha
en route to work: my own Chili Tea
That night: more GenMaiCha w/Matcha

woke up: GenMaiCha
en route to work: my own blend of Chili Tea
at work: Harney & Sons' Cinnamon Black Tea
that night: (the rest of my) Rou Gui oolong - must buy more!

at work: my own blend of Black Ambrosia
(peach ceylon, toasted coconut, almonds, nutmeg)
that night: GenMaiCha w/matcha (I'm really into this tea!)

woke up with Metro Teas' Lapsang Souchong
(with added bit of cinnmon bark)
en route: Chili Tea (it's a great throat warmer)
at work: Black Ambrosia

woke up with: Yerba Mate
left my tea for the trip to work sitting on counter.. :(
at work (2) cups of Celestial Seasonsings Green Tea (hey..I'm at work...)

That's all for now...I'm sure I'll have more when I GO home...which I think I'll do right now. If you feel so moved to comment, you may certainly feel free to add to the Roll Call.

Happy Sipping!

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