November 02, 2006

Heating up

It may be cold and damp today, but inside, there is a warmth - beyond warm feeling of my Good Fortune tea as I'm drinking and typing this....but a real feeling of excitement. Today, I am responding to a request by a tea company (who shall remain nameless) and sending them 6 samples of Madam Potts' favorite Custom Blends...

I was told that my tea was featured at a dinner party in England last weekend, to rave reviews for the Chili Tea. And this weekend, a customized blend I designed, Marie's Tea, will be featured at a tea party in Philadelphia. I love that people are letting me know that they are gathering with friends to taste and discuss my blends. Indescribable the smile, the satisfaction, the thrill that I get from knowing that my creations are being consumed, shared and enjoyed.

I also received positive feedback from the owner of GramStand about the Love Looks East and the Chai Something New blends that I laid on him. I would love to get my blends in various cafes and will work on that this year.

Next up in November, I will be working on some mad holiday blends...maybe some digestives for Thanksgiving and some cheery aromatics for Christmas.

Happy Sipping = Happy Living
- M. Potts

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