October 23, 2006

More New Blends

Just a spot of news as I have not been able to blog much lately (being out of town will do that to you).... Nonetheless, the creation of the Chili Tea (for sample, email me!) has been an exciting development. And what with the change of weather getting colder, my throat always need extra warming...and this Mexican Chai has been the Tea of the Week for me. I just sent two samples to some fellow tea lovers and I hope to get their feedback soon.

In other blending projects, I created a new tea called Breathing Room for my life coach who also does a lot of breath work with her clients. She has been an excellent guide and resource in my life in the last few months. So as a way to thank her, I created a custom blend which her work and her personality inspired.

Breathing Room is an herbal blend of
hyssop, oatstraw, florals and stevia

This special blend is intended to promote relaxation, physical/mental release and also supporta lung function (you know...breathing!). To see her face light up with sheer delight made my night. It's why I do what I do...the joy a custom blend brings to people....and taste and sensation - the experience that allows this gift to give of itself over and over...

So inspired was I that I went home and started working on another custom blend for another mentor of mine, based on her tea house, the CinCinnaTEA - a mix of green and black tea!

If it's not mad, it's not mine!

Keep on Sippin'

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