March 09, 2006

The Lovin' Herbful

It was my opportunity to take a one-night class with Robin Rose Bennett, my favorite teacher and herbalist....and during the course of the evening, we talked about herbs and spices that can be used to stimulate the blood, relax the mind and body, herbs that can be drunk or burned all in the name of setting the mood (both internally and externally).

Among the superstars of the evening was the herb Damiana. Prior to this class I was not aware of this herb. But alas, I am in love.

The fact that this herb was used by the Ancient Mayan and Aztec civiliazations as an aphrodisiac only added to the already alluring taste and fragrance. And with most aphrodisiac herbs, they tend to be anti-depressants - no coincedence I'm sure ;) Damiana is used for a variety of reasons, which I will not go into here. But having finally purchased and sampled it in a tea, I felt the discovery merited a blog entry.

I can't WAIT to start blending this one. I think my blend, My Sweet Love could use a make-over...and there's a few people I'm sure who will be very interested as well.

Naturally, everyone using any herb or botanical should do there own research. As I am not writing a college thesis paper, I have no desire to write out that research in this entry, but I will recommend a few web sites.

Read more about Damiana.
More Damiana.

Cheers to keepin' it Hot in your Pot...

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