March 07, 2006

Teacup Half Full

March comes in like a Lion and drinks up all your tea....

Seriously, it's been a flurry of activiTEA.

The group that I moderate, the CitySippers, met yesterday at TSalon yesterday and the group has eagerly planned to meet in 2 weeks on March 20th. I am excited to see that the interest is alive and well and that the Sippers are taking an active part in the group overall.

I got my scale today and am going to need the rest of the month to figure out "quantity" and cost formulas and fun things like "inventory" on my slow but steady march towards selling my wares. I finally can stop eyeballing how much 2oz of tea really is. And 4oz - that's quite a lot of tea! I think smaller quatities are best as it helps to ensure the freshest blend. (Buy small but often!)

I blend tea because I like it. Not because it's trendy or that this is going to be my ticket to fame and fortune, but because when I blend a tea it's with all my heart. I can only guess it's the same rush a chef gets making a fabulous dinner for people even though he's not the one eating....

In the meantime I am meeting more interesting people all because of this one commonality, a shared interest in tea. I feel in the past 4 months I have met countless people I never would have talked to and that makes my journey (in tea and in Life) a more scenic trip to be on.

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