November 03, 2005

Spotlight: Cha-An Tea House, NYC

CHA-AN: A little jewel in the East Village on 9th Street between Bowery and 2nd Avenue.

I have passed this place without ever even noticing it. A small sandwich sign and awning in a sea of other larger signs mark its place -- a place well earned. As you ascend the narrow flight of stairs, you ascend to a higher place indeed. This Asian tea house will give you an authentic experience of tea as it was meant to be be served and enjoyed. High quality teas served in proper tea ware. Soft lighting and bamboo decor match the calming effects of the tea.

TEA TASTED: Yellow Tea
Taste: Vegetal

A wonderful Fall tea that is reminicent of yellow leaves and yellow squash. This type of tea was popular at one time, but faded from view due as green tea became more popular and easier to make. It is starting to enjoy a resurgence in the tea world.

The way it is processed allows for more steeps than a green tea. Once picked, 60% is dried and kept overnight. Half of the remaining tea is dried, and then the final 20%. The leaf oxidizes slightly during this process.


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