November 11, 2005

Tea ReMix

I love working on a new blend.

I feel like a DJ creating a new track.

First you select a base tea - the basis of the blend, the back beat, if you will. Then you add the other samples (other tea, herbs, flavorings, honeys, fruits) at different levels, volumes and intensities - these tastes are mixed together, creating a whole new taste. There's times that you have to rework the blend, take a cut out, replace it with a different leaf. Reworking it til it comes out the way you want it to taste. Working on synergy, flavor and aromatic quality.

Sometimes I throw on a chill track, a relaxing blend that ushers in the zen. Sometimes the blend is live and opens up your senses, gets you going.

DJ MAD POTS - Mixing funky blends for a new groove sensation.

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