October 31, 2005

Tea Review: Tricked, not Treated

As leaves fall and trees begin to die, the air grows crisp and cold.

And any way you dress it up, a mug of tea is the way to go. Talking of cosutmes...I would have loved to dress up as a tea pot (short and stout), but alas, I found no Mad Tea Pot costume at my local Halloween store.

I did however, brew a mug of Pumpkin Spice Tea.

Trick or Treat Factor:
TRICK : Not "hauntingly" good (didn't this say spiced?)

TREAT: It has a lovely pumpkin orange color

Where's the Fun Size candy?


Jamin said...

pumpkin spice tea....ohhhh..yummie...

I have an entire pumpkin to carve up in my post halloween celebrations...the answer? pumpkin cake...perfect to match with pumpkin tea. I'll send you some :)


Anonymous said...

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