October 17, 2005

When it's Not Raining

All of last week it rained. I hate the rain. I'm like a cat in that way and I'll huddle under a car before I walk out freely in the rain. However, as I must make my way to work each morning, there was nothing I could do about -- except of course, to make mad pots of tea. I was drinking tea like...like..like a tea-drinking camel last week. And I re-discovered a tea on my shelf that I haven't given much cred to in the past.

I have found that sipping oolong in the rain (with diced ginger for warmth) made a pleasant combination. I have had the oolong on my tea shelf for awhile. I liked the roasted taste of the tea, but never found myself thinking "It's Oolong time!" until last week. But it must have had something to do with the rain, as I made it this morning (a clear, though slightly windy morning) but the oolong just didn't seem to have the magical lifting properties as when my feet and clothes were dampened.

I guess I now have a Rain Tea.



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