October 15, 2005


When I first heard about GenMaiCha, a type of Japanese green tea with rosted rice, I thought:

Now THIS is truly a MAD POT of tea!

This tea is known for its soft, toasted flavor. I love the way in which the tea gives me a warm and cozy feeling....even the aroma conjures up being wrapped up in a flannel blanket on a cold Autumn evening.

I first had this blend at T-Salon in NYC and again at a local tea house in Astoria, Himalaya Teahouse (a new place which has happily changed my view of my neighborhood!). I also saw at my deli, that Ito En has taken on the GenMaiCha in their iced tea blend!!

But the most unique blend award goes to Adagio Tea for their special blend of GenMaiCha which includes popped rice and popcorn! I have yet to try it (as this is a new blend discovery for me) but I will have to get my hands on their Snap, Crackle, Sip!

So if you've never tried GenMaiCha.....

What are you waiting for?
Go grab a cup!

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