October 23, 2005

Herbal Spotlight: Calendula

Having read plenty about Calendula flower (for all its herbal health and cosmetic properties), I was eager to finally buy some myself. Most people have heard of it by its common name marigold - and is seen in many gardens across the US, known for its vibrant yellow petals.

From Greek mythology, it is said that these flowers were once love-struck wood nymphs, turned into flowers by Apollo's sister, Artemis because of their constant arguing for Apollo's attention. In the Roman times it was a sign of luxury and was traded in the Far East for black tea.

Marigold is said to ease digestive distress, soothing the stomach and bowels; relieving lymphatic systems; improves liver functions. As a first aid ingredient, it can be used as a remedy for any skin eruptions, cuts or sores. It makes a beneficial face wash and skin toner too! (you know Ill be experimenting with that!)

So last week, I was finally able to buy some from my favorite herb shoppe: Flower Power
I could spend countless hours studying, inhaling and playing with the wall of herbals in their store. In fact, I hope to work there in the near future. And while they have no openings at present, I'm keeping my petals crossed....

I found the mild taste to be a wonderfully synergetic in a tea blend and am looking forward to playing with this flower in more blends....in the meantime...Enjoy this tasty digestive blend :

Feeling Mari-Golden
2 parts Plantain
2 parts Calendula

1 part Anise

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