October 27, 2005

Tea and Pizza

There's been a lot of talk about food pairing. 'Food Pairing' is among the many popular new phrases talked about so often, it feels like we've always used it. From wine to desserts, the idea of 'food pairing' has gotten the attention of magazines, cooking shows, gourmet chefs and foodies everywhere.

This is also true with tea.

What food is complimented by a cup of darjeeling? or maybe sencha green tea? a palate cleansing herbal? and such suggestions are given freely like so. and so.

An so, the dilemma was my own to solve as I stood in my kitchen wondering what type of tea would best be paired with pizza. Stop smirking. As a New Yorker living in the outer boroughs, delivered pizza happens. Proudly not often, but when it does, my inner tea wench still hopes to deliver the best beverage possible.

So it happens that I opened a tin of Song Yang White tea. And I must say, that it makes delivery much nicer.

And for all of those who want their tea right ON the pizza, click here.

1 comment:

Knitty Cat said...

I like a nice young puerh with pizza (which up 'till my cholestorol results came in was delivered sometimes 3 times a week!). The sharpness of it seems to cut the grease.