October 11, 2005

Herbal Spotlight: Rosemary

I've been doing a little research (ie: web surfing and flipping through my kitchen witch-ery books on herbs and teas), which I do from time to time.... And I am finding the most interesting things on Rosemary.

A popular scent in many a cosmetic formula, recently touted for anti-bacterial properties (anti-viral too, making it a great steam inhalation in the cold/flu season!). Rosemary has been used by herbalists to support the circulatory and nervous systtem, relieve muscle pain and spasm, stimulate hair growth, enhance concentration and improve memory.

It was the "improving memory and enhancing concentration" bit that caught my eye....

Then I read that combing 1-2 drops of Rosemary eseential oil in your hair every day would also be a boost for the ol' memory. I started doing that. Gives the hair a great sheen! Even the very smell of rosemary can awaken the senses instantly
(I love the smell of rosemary in the morning!)

So, naturally I thought, I should make a tea!

I then created a special "Brain Food" blend, that featured Rosemary as the prime ingredient, among a few other herbs that shared the same memory-enhancing properties. To be effective, one should drink 2-3 cups a day... every day.

When asked if I had any marked improvement, I had to admit:
No....because....I keep forgetting to drink it every day.

Irony rears its comic head.


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Madam Potts said...

Rosemary Water....a real Pick Me up!