September 28, 2005

Tea Chef: Vote for Tokyo Chicken!

Adagio Teas (those smart people!) have started a new segment on their website called Tea Chef. The idea is that they send you a full sample of a tea and you create a recipe featuring the tea. They post the recipes and then sit back and reap the rewards of additional marketing gained by those eager tea chefs (like me) who spread the good word about Adagio (case and point, this blog entry).

So I received the Hojicha Fugue tea. A roasted Japanese green tea. (yum!)
(See September 15th entry)

"Maybe it's the obvious," I think to myself, "but I will make an Asian-inspired soup recipe!"

Voila! Tokyo Chicken was born (and finished off rather quickly in one sitting). If it wasn't good I would take the time to tell everyone what a rotten cook I am, so really....believe me -- It's good.

So, then Adagio has the idea to have a voting competition!
So you can click here to view all the entries.

I'm not gonna say by reading this you HAVE to vote for mine, but let's just say that I'll remember you around Christmas if I win. Actually, I'm not sure if there is a prize, or if this is one of those Feel Good "YOU WON!" nothing....but YOU WON! things....maybe I'll be Miss September Tea Chef or something vapidly cool like that!

So be sure to place your VOTE!


Matthew Petty said...

Looks pretty tasty. I certainly don't mind losing to you if I have to. I'd be kind of bummed if I lost to melted ice cream though. The funny thing is, if the prize wound up being a sample size of tea I'd have been happy. As it is we've already won that prize and the gift of all these nifty new food ideas.

I was hoping that it would have a link to my page since it had us enter it in the entry form. The voting is kind of strange to me too. I don't know about you but I was expecting some sort or Review or scale of 1 to 10 type thing. There are many recipes that are deserving of at least a seven but I don't want to invalidate my original vote. It's still growing so we'll see how it goes.

P.S. This post is from a man who did not have sex with a bush!

Madam Potts said...

Define the use of the word "bush" and maybe I'll believe you!

Matthew Petty said...

Well, I guess you got me on that one.