July 20, 2011

Madam Potts on Qs House

For the past 3 years, my company, Mad Pots of Tea! has been a loyal sponsor of Qs House - an internet show about the music industry, which "brings music artists and fans together each week to learn, to laugh, and to drink"  - featuring unsigned musicians and other such talented guests and entertainers.

As a sponsor, not only do I supply the studio with my teas, but the winners of the Qs House Artist of the Year receives their own special blend of tea.  Seeing as singers tend to drink lots of tea, this partnership has opened up an entire pathway to creative and talented artists, which I love.  I consider myself a tea artist and so inspiration begets inspiration and creating blends based on musicians is by far my favorite blends to make!  Some of the Artists I have met on Qs House and created teas for include: Spiral Trance, Jen Grinels, Anyone's Guess and Orange Avenue.

So when I got the chance to be on the show, it was especially thrilling.  Q asked some great questions and did a lot to feature my unique blending process and the growth of my little operation. 

DOUBLE BONUS: being on the show with John & Stormy from THE BLOODY JUG BAND (the catalyst and inspiration behind my 1st product line, called "Jambor-Teas", BBQ, Bloody & Swamp - more on that soon).  John also performed in Qs Living Room for me, seeing as I don't make it down to his neck of the woods there in Florida very often.  If you haven't checked out The Bloody JuG Band, you don't kn0w what you're missing.  One word:  Bad ass.

(also featuring Australian Band: The On Fires)

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