July 27, 2010

Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad Summer!

Madam Potts is on vacation and will be back soon enough.  But first a trip to Cape Cod, Camping in North Jersey and then off to the Newport Jazz Festival....

There are a line of new Signature Mad Tea blends to share with you based on some inspiring musicians! So stay tuned in August for a Taste & Hear series that will introduce you to the flavor and sound of some hardworking bands and singers!

and I still have tales to tell of France and my trip to Mariage Freres Tea Shop & Museum in Paris.

In the meantime, if you want to get a taste of the mad mad world of Madam Potts, then please get to know me through FaceBook! And thanks to my new BlackBerry, I can finally mindlessly Tweet throughout the day if you are so inclined to follow me on Twitter.

My most recent writings have been found either on The English Tea Store  or in my local online column as the Monmouth County Tea Examiner.

And when I'm not traveling you might catch me at NovelTeas - can we applaud their Garden Space? Love it!

Anyway, no matter where you are or what you're doing,
I hope you are having a relaxing summer,
catching up with good friends
and enjoying mad pots of tea!

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