February 28, 2010

Spotlight: LeafSpa Organic Tea

Part of the fun about exploring the world of tea is that it is a world of passion. Lately my writings about tea have been infused with talk about steamy romances and budding love affairs with drinking tea. This spicy take on it all is simply an extension of my own mad passion for the Camellia Sinensis plant.

So when I meet another person, or better yet, a company that is equally mad about tea, whose very reason for being comes from a self-proclaimed passion for tea, then it is only natural that I should want to share this passion that they have with my readers.

Meet LeafSpa Organic Tea.

Their passion for top-quality organic teas is apparent in every sip of their product, but the love doesn't stop there. LeafSpa Teas also loves the planet!

Not only do they support organic & fair-trade teas, but they also participate in carbon-offsetting, using reusable/recyclable packaging, and touting eco-friendly supplies & practices in their office and facilities. Additionally, LeafSpa is a proud member of the Green America Green Business Network, and the Organic Trade Association. And in my book, it's a big 'thumbs up' for anyone who creates or invests in the CommuniTEA -- be it at local or global levels.

Now...about their teas.

Banaspaty Bliss
-- Every time I brewed a cup of this tea, I couldn't believe how quickly I would finish it. This is a smooth, medium-bodied tea with a touch of natural sweetness. Great anytime of the day.

Blink Bonnie - I had never had the opportunity to try this visually-stunning hand-crafted designer tea before. This green tea consists of green, white and cinnamon colored leaves hand-twisted into 2-inch spears. Definitely a tea to be steeped in a glass container to watch it unfurl. Presents with an earthy tone. A most exquisite and elegant tea.

Mint Chocolate Rooibos - the picture of mint chocolate chip ice cream on the package made me nervous, but this blend is solid through and through. The sweetness of the rooibos is combined expertly with indulgent cacao nibs and peppermint leaf. And while it really does smell like mint chocolate chip ice cream, the taste is refreshing and delectable! You can't help but fall in love!

I am so taken by the spirit, the passion, the practices AND the tea products of LeafSpa Organic Teas that this is surely not the last time you will hear about them from me.

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