February 26, 2010

Recent Reviews: Steepster

I was surprised to find that I had received some reviews on the tea-tasting journal/social site Steepster. Only 1 of the 4 reviews on Steepster are of PersonaliTEA blends for which I am known. The other three are the simpler Christmas blends that I made. As I was not expecting to find myself on this site at all, I was overjoyed that someone had taken the time to review my blends. I thank all of you who have sipped and given feedback.

So here are some recent reviews for Mad Pots of Tea!

Harvest Dreams (aka: California Harvest) -- this herbal concoction is like running through a field of sunflowers. There's a taste of Autumn, of sweetness, of hiking through a forest.

NOTE: This review written by the person for whom it was designed. It is the only blend on Steepster that reviews a PersonaliTEA. She has since ordered a half-pound of her blend because she felt it was just that damn good. [excuse the blatant self-promotion, but I am extermely proud of this tea]

Peppermint Dreams
-- a surprisingly refreshing minty blend of white tea, candy canes & peppermint. This is strictly a holiday blend and is not currently available.

Silent Night - I call it my liquid chill pill. Made of 5 organic herbs all known for their soothing properties. This is by far the most relaxing blend I have ever made and it has been one of my most popular holiday blends two years running. Also a popular blend with kids, especially as it has no caffeine.


Have you sampled a Mad Pots of Tea! Blend - please share with me your review.

If you have not sampled a Mad Pots of Tea! blend and would like to review it for your website/blog, email me!

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