December 28, 2009

Finding Ways to Connect

T'is the season for remembrance... and recently I was fondly remembering how much easier blogging was when it was the only en masse communication which I used to talk about my favorite subject.

With the advent of social networking, as fun and exciting as it is, we have more places to go, more things to read, and more ways to connect, that a longer blog post often gets lost in the shuffle of numerous tea-related tweets and Steepster posts, and Myspace or FaceBook status updates. (For the record, the FB people will not allow Madam Potts to have a personal Facebook Page - both a blessing and a curse....we are however working on this) I've had to take a break from my virtual existence in order to spend some real-time one-on-one with my friends and family. I've been downing cups of Tulsi Tea in order to get through it all.

I received an awesome tea swap this year from the Tea Gschwendner -- 2 types of Earl Grey, Imperior and Earl Grey's Lady Violet, which I have been brewing every morning. My swappee had no idea that I have recently been on an Earl Grey kick -- it has been by far my #1 choice recently. So I guess it will be awhile before I run out. And one of my dearest friends gave me a tea timer that looks like a tiny tea pot - sooo cute! (see photo!)

Coming soon: New Year's Resolutions, and interview with Jason Witt of Spirituality of Tea, introductions of the newest Mad Pots of Tea! PersonaliTEA blends,Talks about Tea and Music and Cocktails and of course more Mad Pots & Random Art.

One of my resolutions that I am making personally is to invite someone new to tea every month. That may be in my home, at a tea cafe, but out of all the ways to connect about tea, the best way is to do so while actually enjoying it.

So let there be tea parties and friends and good conversations and fun times to look back on...


Alex Zorach said...

Hi! I'm Alex and I run I found your blog through your post about Tulsi on the English Tea Store Blog.

I have been researching Tulsi lately, and have put together a page on Tulsi / Holy Basil, doing my best to present a science-based perspective on its health effects. Let me know what you think!

I definitely find it to be a very relaxing tea, which is what sparked my enthusiasm to research it and write that page.

alexis said...

It sounds like we are on the same page. The abundance of online social sharing outlets has greatly increased both smiles and tired eyes. I hope to approach this year with a better balance of virtual and in person experiences. Here's to a year filled with new tea journeys! cheers!

Madam Potts said...

Hey Alexis - I have not given up hope on meeting up with you face to face and will be serving tea in Philly on Jan 29th!