November 25, 2009

Madam Potts Examines All Things Tea

At a time that people are reflecting on being thankful, I must say that I am truly grateful that the response I get to my teas, my passion for teas, my custom blends and now my writings has been steadily growing.

I make and share tea because I simply love it so much. The richness that sharing tea with others has brought to my life is invaluable beyond compare. The people I have met, the trips I have made the journeys on which I have embarked upon all because of steeped leaves is a book that one day I shall pen.

Recently, I have been picked up by the ever-growing popular site as the Monmouth County Tea Examiner.

The Examiner is a portal for "All Things Local" in cities & states across the country. This site relies on paid Examiners to bring news and reviews of various topics -- and there on Examiners writing on every topic! Especially fun is the Food & Drink section.

Writers are paid based on the amount of traffic driven to the articles they write, so I am asking my readership to support my efforts as the Shore Region Tea Examiner.

My First Article can be found here: After Dinner Delight

Check out the stories, visit my posted Link Lists, share this all with your friends and family....and by all means please send me emails, comments and feedback!

Thank You All for Being a part of the Mad, Mad CommuniTEA!


Anonymous said...

I'm now an email subscribe to your Examiner site so that'll get you me as one more person. I'm the St Paul Tea Examiner and I look forward to checking out all kinds of tea offerings in town.

Madam Potts said...

Yes I just found out that you were the St Paul Tea Examiner and I was so happy to find us both on that site Examining Tea!!!! :)