October 09, 2009

New Blend: La Foret Curieux

Take a walk in the forest, just after it has rained.
It is a cool Spring evening
and the stars are just starting to come out.
Lost in a work of your own --
A world of peaceful thoughts
and of curious questions.

Welcome to the Curious Forest.

La Foret Curieux simply means : The Curious Forest. (so much more sophisticated in French, n'est pas?). I take great dedication in making sure that every bit of the custom blended teas reflect the person for whom they have been created, and so it is with much excitement and joie de vive that I introduce to you my latest blend.

It took awhile for this blend to work itself out. Given such sensory-laden responses gave me plenty to work with, and plenty to balance just right. The girl whose blend this is had the most interesting answers for favorite scent: fresh grass, forest after rain, wood smoke, old books, sage, honey and roses.

She told me she liked strong plain tea the best. As I only create complex blends, it was obvious that her self-described curiosity is what must have urged her to fill out the PersonaliTEA form.

Not only is this a very aromatic blend, but it is also one of the more colorful ones I have created as of late. I must admit I am rather fond of it myself. It's certainly woodsy, with a top note of floral earthiness and a bottom note of smokiness. Having spent many many summers in the woods and Autumn days hiking forests I guess this is one of my favorite places to be transported to in a cup of tea.
The Feedback from Our Tea Lover in Paris: It's done, i've tried out your tea and now I can say it "you've found MY tea!" It's just delicious, I drink a cup of it at least twice a day, and I really feel like I am in a ForĂȘt Curieuse, full of flowers and ferns, wood smells around me...Thanks again for that.

Au Revoir,
Madam Potts


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Yay, Madam Potts !
I am so proud that your first French customer came through my blog and am absolutely not suprised that she enjoyed her blend.
You rock the tea-sock !

x x x

Anonymous said...

This is interesting because I feel like the descriptions could be about a green Puerh. That's foresty-after-rain and could be grassy and honey-sweet too. --Spirituality of Tea