October 17, 2009

And the winner is....

For the 3rd year in a row, the US Tea Council has been offering scholarships to students who submit a 1-2 minute video about the health benefits of tea. This is a wonderful idea in that it brings together the time honored tradition of tea with the ever-amazing powers of technology and social networking. I recently blogged about another couple who had thrown there tea bags into the ring. I can't imagine the amount of clever videos the judges had to pour threw and how difficult it must be to select the top one.

They recently announced the winner of the 2009 Calm-a-Sutra Video Scholarship.

The comedy is brilliant (though the over use of pop song references was a bit over-steeped for my taste) and it is very well done.


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Anonymous said...

I think this video won because so much seems to happen in just two minutes. And because it looks like a television drama with a situation common to modern Western couples. The happy ending also is heartwarming though it's ironically charming because it's so hard to believe getting over adultery would be so easy. --Spirituality of Tea