September 15, 2009

Wanted Madly: Retro Cups

There are many diversions, wares and tchotchke that amuse the soul of any tea lover. So to highlight the creativity of many an artist, designer, sculptor and the whimsy of those inspired by tea, I am starting a new feature on my blog, simply stated: Wanted Madly.

Each Wanted Madly's item will also then be posted on the side as a visual "Wish List" -- each staying there until space and/or money allow me to purchase them (or be gifted by a benevolent reader). At the same time, they serve as a personal endorsement to my readers, so they can fill their own homes and cabinets with appropriate Mad Tea Ware.

The first Wanted is actually not for sale, per se...but if anyone has a lead as to where to get it or how to make it let it be known that my kitchen could use some new lighting. Something no doubt like this or this:
photo courtesey of Retro Renovation


Karen said...

Or their home page:

:) You can call/email for custom lights.

Anonymous said...

These would be made by drilling a hole in the bottom of each cup and then cutting out a circular bigger hole, probably with a jigsaw. Likely some kind of adhesive for ceramic would attach them permanently to the naked bulb fixture. It's a bit of a project but not really too challenging. --Teaternity