September 11, 2009

New Blend: English Autumn

This latest blend is true tea drinking delight. Not all of the PersonaliTEA blends I create are my new favorite -- but this one is. Perhaps the timing for this tea is right -- as we leave the summer behind us and (at least here on the Jersey Shore) the cooler weather descends fairly quickly. This warm and hearty ceylon & darjeeling black tea blend has been inspired by images of England and Nova Scotia, by stormy mornings and cool Autumn breezes. Hints of clove, vanilla & walnuts make this an especially inviting cup.

I will have to send some of this to my friend in England and ask her if it truly reflects a Fall Day in England...

This is the first of many custom blends I made over the last few months. New Blends will be featured with more regularity, and in time made available directly through the website. I have a wealth of things to blog, so if you don't see the blend I made for you up here, be patient with me.

Happy Sipping!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

English Autumn? Just in time for an American Fall here in the states. My tea for this season is the earthy Pu-erh but it's probably going to remain my tea for all the seasons now. --Teaternity