April 17, 2009

New Blend: Sweetly Sings the Blues

This next blend was also created for a singer, Clayton Senne. I met Clayton through Qs House, after he won Resident's Choice Artist Award for 2008. His soulful blues-pop style was a lot of fun to listen to and even more fun to create into a tea blend.

Clayton's PersonaliTEA is entitled: Sweetly Sings the Blues. Based on sage & hyssop (two herbs used to take care of the throat) this blend is reminiscent of Spring -- a time of sweetness, where things pop! pop up! pop open!...and the world is a more colorful place because of it.

This red-tinted blend of sage, hyssop, red clover, hibiscus, osmanthus and berries brings this artist to life in a teacup!

Thank you Clayton for your inspiration and your songs!

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