April 29, 2008

Let's Talk about Tea!

It was my pleasure and priviledge to be a part of a radio broadcast all about tea, last Wednesday with Siren FM, out of Lincoln, UK. The show was a part of the morning line-up and took place at 10am...if you live in England, which is 5am here.

I am not yet able to post an audio file of the show, and am waiting for permission to do so.

In the interim, I wanted to share some of the highlights of this radio exploration on the subject of tea because I felt that the team producing this show was very creative.

The show started off with a montage of answers to the "man on the street question" as to how Brits take their tea. The hosts Richard and Hayley then introduced the topic of Tea and how they were going to be taking it on from a global perspecitive. The shows features included:

- an interview with the owner of Imperial Teas (located in Lincoln, UK) about teas and about how to make a proper cuppa.
- a discussion with Edward Mann, an art historian who educated the listeners to the spiritual quality of the Japanese Tea Ceremony
(Teaism is close to Taoism...Meditate upon this concept with each mindful sip)
- The Making of a Tea Pot
- The Confessional Diary of a Tea Addict: 3 days without tea (!!!)
- A scientific experiment and mad tea party with dunkable biscuits
- and....the live interview with yours truly, Madam Potts. I had made a customized blend of tea, called Mel-iciously Sweet for Melissa, their resident tea addict, who joined them in the studio, and who had no idea that a tea was being made, using my PersonaliTEA system, in her honor.

They asked me about the PersonaliTEA system which they had had Melissa fill out previously, and how her answers, like"grassy meadow" or "Britney Spears Fantasy perfume" inspired the blend that I ultimately created.

I know it's been awhile since I shared a recipe. But here it is...
The blend that I came up with for our British Tea Addict is:

Mel-iciously Sweet
Mango Ceylon Tea
Ginger Root


Tea Escapade said...

Thanks for sharing! This sounds like such a great experience. Congratulations!

FYI...I sent your Yellow and Blue today. Can't wait to hear what you think.

Tea Escapade said...

I received and tasted my Meliciously Sweet tea! Delicious! Check out the write-up on my blog.