March 11, 2008

The "What's in Your Pot?" Swap

Time for...
The MadPots Tea Swap

This year we ask you
"What's in Your Pot?"

We specifically want people to swap a sample of the tea they are most often drinking, with a note as to WHY it's their Mad Pot of Choice. This year we are dedicated to increasing the sense of the MadPots Community...

NEW THIS YEAR: With the swap, please include:
* a note about where it was bought (so they too can buy it!)
* personal tasting notes
* and why you like that particular brand or type of tea
* and....only if you feel so inclined - your email address, in an effort to create communiTEA with other tea lovers

Start: Immediate
End: April 15th

What is a TEA SWAP? A friendly exchange of tea among friends who have never met.

How much tea do I send? This varies based on the passion of the person. Some people have sent 1oz (typical sample size), or an unmeasured amount of loose tea in a ziplock baggie, some people have sent full canisters, and some have sent 5 or so tea bags. Sharing is what's important.

Does it have to be an unopened box or sample? No. The idea of sending a swap inherently means that it is something you are sharing from your tea shelf. There is no expectation of a "new" swap.
May I request a specific tea swap? You may, although no guarantees are made that requests can or will be fulfilled. The point really is to have fun. Getting tea in the mail, regardless of what type, is better than electric bills and credit card offers.

To whom should I send my tea? First, email me with your name, address, and tea swap to share, and if you have any request of tea you'd hope to receive/try. In about a week, I will email you back with the name and address of the person to whom you will be sending your Mad Pot Swap.

Rest assured that at the same time, I have given your info to someone else to send YOU tea!

What if I don't get my tea? In the 3 years I've been sponsoring this event, this has only happened once. Should this happen, email me immediately, as I maintain a record of each swap/swapee. I always make sure 100% that a tea is always received for each sent swap, even if I have to send you something myself.

NOTE: if you fail to send your swap, you will not be allowed to participate in any future swaps. By joining the swap, you are committing to sending your Tea Swap within a week's time. Like eBay - don't promise and then not deliver - that's so not cool.


So What's In YOUR Pot?....really, we want to know!

Email your name, address, tea to swap and any preferences to:

Let the Swap BEGIN!!!!


Tea Escapade said...

What a great idea! Too bad I missed this great event. I cannot wait to here how it all turned out!

Linking to you on my blog - Tea Escapade.

Celeritas said...

I would love to take part in the next swap, I'm in New Zealand so I can find something that is unique to NZ to swap with!