February 26, 2008

a Mad(hya) Tea Party

Ok my Tea-ophytes...this is one for the Record Books!

No, really, this past Sunday, in Madhya Pradesh, India, a new record was set for the world's largest tea party - 30,000 people drinking tea together in a stadium - and while yours truly was not there, Guiness Book of Records was.

This extravaganza of epicly mad proportion blew the previous record of a paltry 14,000 out of the water (take that, Japan!)...

Brought to you by Brooke Bond Label Tea!
(essentailly the Lipton of India)

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Anonymous said...

hey just found your website ... I to live in NJ and am a native ... you'll get used to, I have, with a small complex .... do you have any advice on blending loose teas that may have different optimum steep times (oolong/white, unroasted yerba/green, green rooibos/white). I love making different blends than making ice teas to have my family and friends try. I have my mom hooked on a Honeybush cause I read where it helps with hot flashes. Tea is great because it has SO many health benifits, the tea revolution is right in front of us. I to am thinking about some sort of side business to marry my love of tea with, maybe a patent for a product that can be used by tea lovers ??? anyway keep your great site up and keep on listening to that old school jazz, there's nothing like it ... I'm a Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young fan myself ...Sincerely Bryant my email if it doesn't show up ... ehos747@gmail.com

Fox Mackenzie said...

Hi there!

I'm right over in Aberdeen, myself, and also a fan of jazz! (small world, eh?) Drop a line if you ever want to chat, always happy to talk with a fellow tea enthusiast. :)


Madam Potts said...

Wow! I have not one but two tea drinking jazz enthusiasts not too far away from me -- I have become aware that there is a better jazz scene in Jersey...now if I could only find a place that featured jazz and tea together, I'd truly find home Until then, my Mad Lab will have to suffice....