February 28, 2007

Tea for Me

If you recall my post from 12/29/06, I had a list of "resolutions" - things I'd like to have happen with my tea and with the blog. So, among the many resolutions was to create my own personal blend.

It all came about based on a weekly ritual called Sushi Tuesday, whereupon on that day, being Tuesday, I go for sushi. Simple enough in name. This ritual has taken place every Tuesday for about 2 years now.

but I digress...

The actual inspiration came from a yerba-mate based iced tea I always get with my standard sushi order - part of the ritual...and I said, I wonder if I could make the same taste only in a hot tea! And so....one evening in the magical tea lab I created --- Sushi Tuesday!

Sushi Tuesday
is a simple mix of
yerba mate, peppermint, spearmint & rosehips


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love teas, especially my teacuppa.com green tea.