August 01, 2006

Casablanca Comes to NYC

It has been too darn hot - even for tea! I made a sizable amount of Rooibos Mango iced tea which I will drink for the rest of the week. What with temperatures reaching 100, I am not anywhere to be found in the kitchen unless I'm reaching into the freezer for more ice!

However my curiosiTEA never rests, and it's been awhile since I profiled a tea house, so today I wanted to tell you about the
Casablanca Tea Room in New York City.

Casablanca Tea Room: tucked away amid the fashionable boutiques of SoHo, this trendy little spot is like no other I've ever visited. From the street, you ascend a small flight of stairs and once you step inside, it's as if the subway let you off in Moracco. From the stunning white drapes cascading from the ceiling, and white carved furniture and dim lighting to the smell of exotic insence in the air, this is no ordinary tea room. And while one could argue that it's more of a bar than a tea room, the availability of both makes is a perfect setting for any night out on the town. I shared a large pot of mint tea with my friend. And they brought out this magnificent silver teapot which was full of fresh mint leaves. We then asked for 2 glasses of ice and tried it iced as well...nothing beats the heat so much as fresh iced mint tea. Additionally, they offer a selection of blended teas and tisanes as well as food throughout the day.

Whether looking for an unusual escape or the setting for a fabulous date, be sure to check out this little gem!

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Ateava said...

Madam Post--Me and a couple of friends discovered this place not to long ago as well!

Great blog by the way;)