August 09, 2006

More Tea Please

People often ask me why I spell Madam Potts with 2 T's, to which I say, "Well, who wouldn't want more Tea?" And it precisely that question which led me this entry today. What with the heatwave finally breaking, I immediately found myself in the kitchen making merry with the tea.

Having received some samples from the Metropolitan Tea Company, I was excited to finally taste what they had sent me. I brewed my water and did a sampling of 3 green teas. Sencha. Jasmine with flowers. and last but not least, Genmai. I liked each of the 3 (QUICK PLUG: Metro Teas - good stuff). Having noted the distinct and varied properties of the 3, I went back and brewed a second cup, and I must say that I like each of 3 even better the second cup.

While this is not a moment of Aha!, having brewed plenty of tea multiple times, but I did think about it in a new way today... as to WHY I usually enjoy the 2nd cup better. Like Prepping the Teapot or cups with hot water, making them ready to receive and hold the tea, so it is with one's own mouth and tongue. The first cup prepares you to enjoy the deeper, richer, fuller experience that I find is delivered with the second cup.

This is not to say that the first cup is without merit or should be promptly poured into the household plants - Not at all! Just that the second T is unique...

I feel like I have come full circle. I have understood myself through the tea and have understood the tea through myself. It's a very enlightened mement I'm experiencing as I write this....must have something to do with the copious cups of green tea.

Madam Potts

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