August 23, 2006

Mad Mug!

The opposite of gravity is levity -- one brings you down, the other brings you up!

And so it with that uplifting sense of levity that I travel this world. It is for that reason that my favorite mug is, favorite!

After having tea at Alice's Tea Cup in Manhattan's Upper West Side (tea with a side of whimsy, for sure), I spied my treasure....a Cheshire Cat Mug! I used to have a similar mug years ago, and while the design is very different, the thrill of watching the cat disappear remains the same.

For those of you who have never seen this mug in action....I have taken photographic evidence of this disappearing act!
(Just Add Hot Water and Smile!)



Without a doubt this is a mad crazy mug - which is perfect for a mad potter like myself. It makes me want to drink tea just thinking of it.

Keep a Smile on your Face and watch your Blues Disappear!

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