August 28, 2006

Good Morning Brew

I have finally created a morning brew that gives me the kick I need and the warm, toasty flavor I crave. Having shunned the legions of black tea since I was young, for reasons of bitterness and even more bitter childhood memories of Lipton, this tea is that much more satisfactory.

The tea is called GOOD FORTUNE. This unique blend features two types of black tea (Darjeeling and Ceylon), and some spices. One friend said it tasted like an almond cookie!

I look forward to experimenting with even more blending of tea types. So far I have not needed my cup of usual morning coffee (yes, Madam Potts is an equal opportunity sipper, so calm it down!). I hope to have found a pleasant alternative.

I've just finished lunch and am thinking another cup would be just the thing....

Excuse me, I have some steeping to attend to....

Happy Sipping!

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