July 12, 2006

Tea Swap!

Start: Immediate
End: August 1st

What is a TEA SWAP? A tea swap is a friendly exchange wherein you send off a sample of tea and in exchange, you will receive a sample of tea from someone else.

How much tea should I send? The idea is to keep it simple. Many companies have and use "sample sizes" (approx. 1oz) . A ziplock of some loose tea works best for most people. Although some people have been know to use the Swap to off-load more than that (streamlining their tea shelves or just very generous Sippers)

Does it have to be an unopened box or sample? No, the idea of sending a swap inherently means that it is something you are taking off your tea shelf and exchanging it with someone else who has done the same thing. There is no expectation of a "new" swap.

Do you count herbal tea as "tea"? While technically herbal tea is not tea (as it doesn't contain the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant), However, it is not differentiated in this swap.

Can I ask for a specific tea swap? I ask what people have to swap and what they want in order to try my best to make good matches. This is not a guarantee, but if a match can be made, then I will try my best to orchestrate that.

Who do I send my tea too? First, email me with your name, address, what they have to swap and (if applicable) the tea they'd hope to receive or would be excited to try. In about a week, I will email you back with the name of the person to whom they should send their Swap.

What if I don't get my tea? Email me immediately, as I maintain a record of who was to send to who. I will email a reminder to the late swapper. If you still receive nothing, again let me know - I always make sure 100% that a tea is always received for each sent swap!

NOTE: if you failed to send your swap last time you will not be allowed to participate in any future swaps.bBy joining the swap, you are committing to sending your Tea Swap within a week's time. Like eBay - don't promise and then not deliver - that's not nice...

So what are you waiting for? No, really? What are you waiting for?

Share your favorite tea, share your experience, share the passion!

Email your name, address, tea to swap and any preferences to: madpotsoftea@aol.com

Let the SUMMERTIME Madness begin!

Madam Potts

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Anna said...

I love the tea swap! Somehow I always manage to accumlate little stashes of teas that I know I will never drink, and it is so nice to be able share then with someone else who will appreciate them more.

I've participated in two swaps now, and been delighted each time - I've gotten some wonderful teas that I never would have thought to try on my own.

edit - has this posted or shown up in the moderation list? Blogger won't tell me, and keeps giving me the 'login or publish' button --- if this is posted more then once, I do apologize.