July 09, 2006

One Year Later: The Pi Lo Chun Challenge

Tonight I stumbled across the fact that I had 2 canisters of Pi Lo Chun, both strangely enough from the same company. One sample was from an order made a year ago and had rather forgot about on the tea shelf, the other I received in the mail today.

ABOUT Pi Lo Chun
- From the Fujian province in China; also called bi luo chun.
- The tea leaves distinctly look like little green snails
(and translated, the name means "green snail spring")
- Hand-picked and processed in the Spring, which can make this an expensive brew, but with the delicate balance of the taste, I wouldn't settle with the cheap stuff....
- Taste: floral/grassy

So, in the spirit of science and knowledge, I thought it would be fun to do a side by side comparison. And what a difference a year makes!

I brewed both samples and then took the
Pi Lo Chun Challenge.
A sip from one....A sip from the next.

The first sample smelled stronger, the liquor was a darker yellow, the taste ended with a harsh bitter after-taste. This was obviously the older sample. The second was a fresher cup, lighter, and smoother, no residual after taste at all. Just a fine cup of tea...

And for your blogging pleasure, I took a picture so that you could bear witness to this event!

Yes, as you can see for yourself, it is quite apparent which tea will reign supreme on the tea shelf and which shall be banished to the underworld! No use in keeping bitter-tasting tea (unless of course you LIKE that, which however, I do not).

Life's to short to drink bad tea.

Keep it Mad, Keep it Fresh....

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