March 30, 2006

In the BAG

Regardless of what type of tea you enjoy, and how you prefer making it, tea bags have their own niche in the convenience they offer. So Naturally....I too have all of my blends available in convenient, bleach-free tea bags.

With herbal tisanes, which are the Madam Potts specialty, they don't need to "unfurl" so the tea bag is that much more practical. One cannot argue that the taste is diminished.

Because I drink most of my herbals on a special needs basis, it is important to me to have the herbal tea when I need it - and I rarely am home.

Drinking a cup of scullcap tea 3 times a day becomes a WHOLE lot easier with the use of the tea bag.

Tea bags get such a bad rap...hey they're not alllll bad!

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