February 22, 2006

New Blend: a Cappella

I created a new tea last night that I am very excited about!!!

A Cappella - a spicy yet soothing throat tea.

The tea and its name is inspired by a friend of mine who is currently performing on Broadway 8x a week in Jersey Boys! His voice is obviously very important and he must take excellent care of it - after all, the show must go on. Having a number of friends in musical theater, I'm sure this will be one of the more popular blends that I have made.

I tried to make a tea that is spicy and warms the throat/vocal chords as well as something a blend that will maintain upper respiratory health. It's my most complex blend to date, a veritble chorus of herbs, 11 in all.

This blend is going to be my favorite too (as I am one often to lose my voice in the cold weather)

Keep a song in your heart, and tea in your cup and things will always be looking up!

Madam Potts

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