February 16, 2006

In the Tropics

Maybe it's the mountains of snow outside my window...or just time for another vacation. My mind has been in the tropics since February began. So, naturally I turned that longing into a source of inspiration. Surely a "tropical" blend is nothing new and many companies have designed much the same (who doesn't want to think about palm trees, right!?)

So I found not one, but TWO tropical blends. The first one has more pieces of fruit (coconut, papya, pineapple). The other is a spicier ginger-infused blend that reminds me of a specific blended drink I had in Hawaii...AloooooooooooooHaaaa!

I have yet to figure out how to add a rum flavoring to these blends. Any moisture in the blend causes the leaves to open up. I'm not sure if that attracts any bacteria or anything, but a less then dry blend sitting in a canister does not appeal to me. I'm not sure if anyone has encountered this problem or can offer any advise as to how to properly use juices and extracts for flavoring, but any guidance in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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