January 31, 2006

Favorite of the Week: Oat Straw

I have been having a lot of fun with my new favorite herb: Oat Straw.

Full of minerals and vitamins, this soothing nervine does wonders for the mind and body. Tastes a touch grassy (as the name suggests), but synergizes nicely with other herbs for a relaxing blend and calming aroma. I'm even starting to steep my Oat Straw overnight and then heating it up again in the morning for a strong shot of the soothing pleasantries this herb offers.

I seem to be at no loss for Oat Straw blends. And everyone who has tried them has always asked for more. That's no surprise given that it is a nourishing herb and one that most people are not familiar with (and novelty has a unique effect within itself)

So, just reporting from the kitchen...

Stay tuned as I report on further ideas and herbs that I am using.
I'm looking forward to making my blends available for purchase in 2006.

Happy Sipping!

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