August 24, 2005

A Watched Blog Never Boils

It's been a long time.....but surely thoughts and pots have been steeping.

What I'm about to blog will seem common, ordinary and replete of any magical quality, but despite the pedestrian nature of it all, it's changed my drinking habits.

I spent the majority of the summer drinking iced tea. I do not mean the bottled and processed sugar-loaded stuff on the shelves....I mean real, honest to goodness iced tea.

And while this is not a candidate in the realm of "amazing things", I myself was amazed, as up til now, I have never liked iced tea.

I have always thought it took too long and never tasted good anyway....but then...all I knew was the powdered stuff or the bottled stuff and a very nasty sun tea my mother made out of the cheapest Red Rose tea bags....but I digress.

Having found a short cut has no doubt been the biggest factor in my new habit. No longer must I wait for the sun to brew the tea in the yard, and no longer must I brew tea and stick it in the fridge til it cools down....

Simple as it is, you take a container, fill with ice. Brew the tea (though not to full boil). Pour the tea in the container. Close the lid tight and shake it 10 - 20 times and there you have it.

Keep it Mad, Keep it Cool...

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Matthew Petty said...

I love the iced tea myself but unfortunately I rarely have the patience to add the steps involving cooling it. Some of my favorite teas to put over ice are "Ginger Peach Black" from The Republic of Tea and Lychee Black which is not as easy to come across but if you see it get it. It's kind of melon like and is very refreshing.