April 05, 2005

Chai this...

I've never liked flavored black teas. All it tastes like is black tea and flavoring (aka: artificial). But take black tea and spice it up (aka: natural spices and herbs, no artificial flavoring) and now you've got my attention!

And by it popularity, it has a lot of people's attention. By that, of course, I mean: CHAI.
It took a long time before it got introduced here in the states, but once it did, it didn't take long to get popular and now everyone has their own recipe.

Basically, I take black tea and grind some black peppercorn, cloves, cardamom, and add few dashes of nutmeg and cinnamon, swirl some honey in and Voila! A tasty spiced hot brew. A touch of milk does it well too. I usually add a touch of something different to create a Sage Chai or a Mint Chai ...

I like "chai-ing" new recipes.

Gotta favorite chai recipe?

How do you make your mad pot of chai?

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