July 28, 2011

The wisdom of tea

Today started with a pot of tea.

Not unlike many a morning, but today was not any other morning.  Today I turned another leaf older. And so as I sat there in bed with the teapot that I gifted had myself last year from the cute little shop in Cape May, and the tea that I had bought at Mariage Freres in Paris, and a small teapot shaped plate holding out the finest lemon cookies, which has become my new favorite tea snack...I began to reflect upon all things I experienced and achievements I was witness to (for myself and for my closest friends) since my last birthday.  Before celebrating the coming of the new year, I wanted to celebrate the passing of the last one. I wanted to be mindful of the days I had enjoyed before rushing forward for all the days that have yet to come.....

There is something in a pot of tea that lends itself to mindfulness. to patience. to quietude.

Tea asks that you be present, holding still, a slow meditation of time and temperature.

There is a wisdom to tea in that it requires us to take our time.

And if time is all we have, then I'll take mine slowly....so that I can savor the flavor of each and every day.


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