September 27, 2010

Need Chai NOW? Try Tipu's Instant Chai

Admittedly, when I received the sample of Tipu's Instant Chai, I was immediately curious and yet, a tad skeptical.  The idea of instant tea is certainly my kind of tea madness, and the promise that this instant chai blend was 100% natural and had no chemical additives did sweeten the curiosity.  Being on the go as often as I am, the premise of ‘instant’ tea is a big bonus. 

The instructions are to add a teaspoon of mix to a cup of water and/or milk and stir.  In the name of a more in-depth review, and for the fun of experimenting with an Instant Chai, I made 3 cups - one with milk & water, one with just water, and one with with just milk.  Below is my review of Tipu’s Instant Chai.

My first attempt was to follow the instructions, which call for both water and milk.  This creamy brewed concoction is both peppery and sweet.  It reminds me of Oregon Chai, only as there are no chemicals or synthetic materials, I can taste the difference.  Tipu's uses real ingredients.

My 2nd attempt was to make it with 100% boiling water, which I often do with chai blends - to enjoy it as a straight tea, no frothy creaminess. Perhaps I added too much instant tea mix to the hot water because it tasted like burnt coffee.  I tried it again, using less mix, which tasted only slightly more platable, but still like dark coffee - and it was grainier in just water than when I had added milk.  For those making the switch from coffee to tea – this would certainly do it for you.

Then I tried it a 3rd time with 100% milk, as the package suggests.  It tasted like a hot chocolate, without the chocolate.  When prepared this way, it was more like a dessert drink than a chai tea – but then that is a matter of taste. Not my favorite way, but I wouldn't discourage anyone from having fun with it.

This product easily lends itself to cooking and baking.  The ease of dissolving Tipu's Instant Chai into any hot liquid makes it a natural companion to preparing food.  Chocolate chai or chai latte cupcakes sound too good to pass up.  Don't be surprised if next month I report having tried my hand at baking! 

All in all, I find Tipu’s Instant Chai to be a great product.  It travels easily, without surrendering the richness of the tea or the allure of the spiciness that makes me want to drink chai tea.  They do apparently have a Slow Brew (or non-powdered) form, which from my reading suggests that their company knows a thing or two about how chai is done.  The true question is: would you buy this product – and my answer is yes.

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Disclaimer:  Sample provided by the company.

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