April 12, 2010

Take Back the Party: Part 2

Ok! That's it!.....I have had it with the Tea Party Movement stealing the spotlight from tea bloggers. All I want to do is talk about tea, a soothing, comforting, culturally-rich and tasty beverage choice....not contend with politics.

To illustrate my point of frustration, if you log onto www.Examiner.com, where I am the Monmouth County Tea Examiner, and where I am one of many "tea examiners" across the US, and you enter "tea" in the search bar, it ONLY brings up politics. I mean, there are people writing every day about the finer points of oolong and the health benefits of green teas, but that never seems to make it up the charts...

You can find more of my original gripe about this subject under: Take Back the Tea Party which I wrote about a month ago. only now...I have a better idea.

It's Time to Take Back the Tea Party...with a simple dose of their own medicine - by way of messing with their internet searches.

ACTION: If you are a tea blogger, use the words Tea Party as much as possible; add links or videos of the Tea Party Movement into your blog entries so as to boost your blog's visibility in news & internet searches; and also, be sure to make passing references to the national situation! Be creative in linking into or simply creating tea party fodder decoys.

Then when searching for stories/info on the Tea Party Movement, people will be accidentally redirected to your tea blogging site! Easy, simple and devilishly fun enough, no?

It's time to give the tea-baggers some REAL TEA!

So...if you start finding links to the tea party in my blog, you'll know why.

Oh, it'll be a Grand Ol Tea Party!
(ha ha!! made you look!)


(Photo credit by: Amishsteve, Creative Commons)


Marlena said...

Oh you are a deliciously devious tea party diva! I love it.

Shaiha said...

What a great idea!! When I first started on Twitter I ended up following the Tea Party thinking that it related to tea..sheesh