April 15, 2010

Cuz it's NORML to Drink Tea

Perhaps more than ever, the subject of medicinal marijuana and legalization is at an all-time high in the mainstream media. First and foremost, it is a humanistic issue - being able to offer relief care and comfort to those in need. Yet for some, going green is a pathway to tax revenues and the reallocation of much needed budgetary funds for police units across the country. And for others, it is simply stating that prohibition is an outdated idea that does nothing to stop something that is ubiquitous in our culture and society at large, and is also safer than alcohol.

So when I was asked to create a special blend of tea for the Philadelphia chapter of NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), I was excited. By getting involved in this particular chariTEA, I've been able to share the warmth and healing of tea. And there's nothing I love more than introducing people to all that tea can be...

Behold: The PhillyNORML Tea.
This warm and comforting brew is combination of teas, herbs and spices that has a very easy to drink, easy to enjoy quality. Created as a whole body comfort tea with helpful herbs, including: Red Clover, Ginger Root, and Peppermint.

No, this blend does not come "medicated" - but it was designed to be medicinally steeped in milk, (or half milk/water) if you so chose.

Madam Potts will be at the 4/20 Fundraiser in Philadelphia, this upcoming Tuesday,with samples of this and other teas, which will also be available for purchase.

Likewise, you can support the cause by purchasing the PhillyNORML blend online. Standard orders are either 3oz loose or 15 tea bags and all orders include tax and shipping.

**All profits go to support the work of PhillyNORML and the fight to legalize the compassionate use of medical marijuana.

I hope all my friends and tea lovers in the area can make it to the party. Info as follows:

April 20th
@ the Blockley Pourhouse
38th & Ludlow, Philadelphia
and a mad, mad, mad line up of bands!
including Agent Moosehead and Psychedelphia

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