March 10, 2010

Mad Pots! on the Tea Review Blog

Most every tea lover must turn to the web to purchase teas - especially as there are so many teas available. As such, having a reliable site to review teas becomes of utmost importance. Recently, The Tea Review Blog has added Mad Pots of Tea! to the roster of reviewed tea companies.

The first review was for Lemon Trance, which is based on my favorite metal rock band.

"Tea and rock n roll! Why not?...So when I read that this was a tea blend based on a metal/rock band called Spiral Trance it naturally piqued my curiosity. Were they any good? And beyond that, was their TEA any good? After all if you are going to have a tea inspired by your metal rock band, it better stand up to some REAL criticism!...."


After scoring this review, the founder of the Tea Review Blog site had me create her a tea. Quite a daunting task for someone who has tried and rated over 300 teas...

The result was the blend, Fleur de Grey.

"My favorite all-time overall tea. Why? Well, I suppose because it was blended just for me, based on my Personali-TEA profile at Mad Pots of Tea!....I can’t say that I honestly could have thought up any better blend for me than this. It’s fabulous, it’s fantastic, it’s FREAKING AWESOME! ....I love this tea so much that it’s the ONLY tea I’ve drank for 4 days straight. I’m already out and have ordered more! ..."


I'd like to thank the Tea Review Blog for the support. It's been great to get my teas professionally reviewed and this has created some welcomed new buzz for my company. As I create teas based on people's personalities and each tea blend is unique to the person, it is especially exciting that other people are discovering these teas.

I have found numerous interesting teas on their site and I hope that you actively use, read, and comment on their site as a show of support. It's a lot of tea to have to drink and they do a great job of sorting through it all.



Shaiha said...

You should also check out TeaViews :)

Madam Potts said...

Thax! I would love to have Teaviews review some teas of mine...I haven't been actively soliciting anyone yet...all things in organic timing. :)