March 06, 2009

New Blend: Lemon Trance

Solidly proving my point that tea is for everyone and that it is far from stodgy, my latest PersonaliTEA creation is based on a metal rock band called Spiral Trance.
These 4 guys are a dedicated group of rockers, touring the country from Milwaukee to New Hampshire and areas in between, living the rock-n-roll lifestyle which, indeed, includes lots of tea. After all, you can't be on stage every week singing and not take care of your throat!

And now, they have their own tea: Lemon Trance.
Now, I don't listen to hard rock. But in the same way I hear people tell me, "I don't drink tea" there is something inherently gained in trying it out anyway. You never know when you will be pleasantly surprised. After all, I have surprised a lot of "non-tea" drinkers by having them sample some true quality brew. So I am happy to report that Spiral Trance got my pot rockin' and I have been playing their new CD non-stop in my car...and that it made for a lively tea party last week.

Even if Spiral Trance's music isn't your cup of tea, I encourage you to try their new blend: Lemon Trance. This energizing, throat comfort tea is sure to go the distance to keep you going. In the yerba mate based blend is a spiral of lemon-y herbs and a touch of echinacea.

Own Spiral Trance's new CD -- click to order:


Sharon said...

FABULOUS site :-D I'll be visiting daily! Didn't see you leave this evening but was glad Michelle gave me your card! My food blog should be linked to my name on this comment, and my photography blog can be found at or at
talk to you soon!!

Dawn said...

It was lemony goodness. My daughter loved it too. Can't wait for my own personali-tea!